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Grace's Doll Blog
Grace's Doll Blog is so fun! For all types of 18 inch dolls! Always up to date with news, always fun crafts, and funny posts from Grace's bunny Nutmeg!

Rank Site Rating In Out
1 Prairie Wind Girl
5.17 442 891
I love AG dolls, and I also love what better then to make outfits for these delightful dolls! Comments
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2 My American Girl
6.45 264 2228

It's an awesome and entertaining website with updates from the latest happening from AG, photo stories, contests, and more!
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3 Galaxy AG Dolls
8.80 197 1382

Loving dolls to infinity and beyond!
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4 AG Gossip Blog
7.68 153 3024
AG Gossip Doll Blog is a blog the AG Gossip dolls share to tell everyone about fun moments and silly adventures they expirience daily Comments
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5 Beach Baby Doll's Blog
7.29 122 955

Christian Doll site. Free swim suit pattern to fit AG. Review of BFK, Ink dolls, Doll photo stories, more!I appreciate your good ratings!
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6 Dolly Dimensions
7.14 99 685
**RESTARTED ON DEC. 8TH 2012** Welcome to my site all about dolls. You can find lots of interesting things here from Photo stories, Videos, and lots-- Comments
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7 Dolly-Duds
9.33 82 292
handmade upscale doll clothes for reasonable prices. Lots of very differnt outfits for discerning customers. Comments
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8 Aloha Kanani!
6.11 76 553
Kanani ROX
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9 American Girl Doll Bloggers
9.27 57 763

American Girl doll crafts and movies.
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10 The Spicys!
8.91 54 994
The Spicys is an American Girl doll lifestyle blog featuring photography tips, hairstyles diy's and doll crafts and MORE! Comments
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11 American girl fun all day everyday
5.67 47 557
A great place to talk about AG! I post almost daily photostories, reviews, news from AG and more! Check it out, you won't regret it ;) Comments
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12 American Girl Friends
8.63 47 1132
A FUN site about my 11 dolls. i do updates regulary and I also do weekly things like Crafty Tuesday and Show and Tell Wedensday. Please check it out! Comments
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13 Love That Doll
6.11 42 716
A blog about the happenings of the 29 AG dolls of Creekwater! And occasional rants/fan spazms over AG's stuff.... It's insane. You've been warned. ;) Comments
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14 AG Fun Spot
7.00 33 404
AG Fun Spot is exactly that- an AG Spot that is Fun!
So come on in, sit back, and enjoy my post with games and fun!
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15 AG Girl Forever
8.30 30 642
Hi everyone this is Asmita (AG Girl Forever)here,although I have only one AG doll right now,this year's GOTY McKenna ,but I am truly,madly and deeply in love with AG Dolls,McKenna is my inspiration t Comments
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16 Americangirl#1fans
8.71 30 642
Hello! This blog is for the ultimate AG fan! More things you can see on this blog is doll photography,fun games,giveaways,contest,polls, and much much more! Comments
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17 Viviness and AG
9.00 27 435
Viviness and AG is a blog about AG, I post doll crafts, doll photo shoots etc. I'm having a giveaway soon (Christmastime).
I am also known to pull out some lame puns every once in a while ;)
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18 Loving Your American Girl Doll
8.44 27 702
My site is all about loving your American Girl dolls! I have photo stories, tips on how to care for your doll(s), contests, and TONS more! Comments
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19 Australian Girl Fan
7.71 27 956
Hi! My blog is all about dolls, It has info about the new Australian Girl Dolls, and lots of fun crafts to do with your dolls. There is also a msg board (with still no members,...). This site is for girls with ANY kind of dolls to hang out and have fun!! Comments
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20 Molly and Me!
10.00 26 416
We make Doll Crafts, Share our Doll stuff with you, GIVEAWAYS and fun CONTESTS! Review Etsy shops, and Sell Doll Clothing!
Crafts* Sewing* Dolls* Baking
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21 Blossom Ridge
7.83 20 744
I have 14 dolls and counting. This is their life. They may fight, but they will always love eachother. Comments
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22 AG Honey Spot
10.00 18 183
The AG Honey Spot is all about me, Honey. Learn about my owners experiences and adventures along with mine as well. SO be sure to check it out! Comments
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23 Tillie and Meredith
6.50 15 514
Tillie and Meredith are two 11 year old dolls, who share adventures as they live in Doll Central, my doll Boarding School. Comments
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24 Forever American Girl
1.00 15 352
This is a Doll site were you can find DIYS Photography, Doll hair tips, Giveaways and Much Much More! Comments
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25 AmericanGirlBookshelf
7.00 15 276
Site for AG Bookworms and fans about books and Historical Characters. All talk on it is on the blog, so please comment! It is not QUITE complete, because this is a VERY new site! Comments
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