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My American Girl

It's an awesome and entertaining website with updates from the latest happening from AG, photo stories, contests, and more!

Rank Site Rating In Out
26 Redirect Link
5.50 6 686
Redirects you to this list. Comments
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27 April and Emilie
6.00 6 115
We're a try-to-be-daily American Girl blog starring April and Emilie! We share funny stories, pictures, videos (coming soon), and other fun AG stuff Comments
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7.60 6 334
Hello! My name is Jordan and I have 2 AG Dolls! I love feedback and followers, my AG dolls' names are; Jayden and Alona. I hope that you enjoy my site! :) Comments
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29 Through The Eyes Of a Doll
10.00 5 178
A blog written by dolls Comments
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30 AmericanGirl1332
10.00 5 62
My American Girl Doll blog where I post pictures of my dolls! Comments
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31 American Girl Ideas
NR 5 642
My site is full of diy projects and tutorials for your American Girl Doll. Comments
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32 Olivia Wear
NR 4 113
Online store selling handmade American Girl clothing, dresses. Comments
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33 American Girl Dolly Mamma
NR 3 193
American Girl Dolly Mamma is a blog for all things to do with Doll Play! My tag line is 'Helping Girls Create a Magical Memory'. I am new, but have a facebook page and group associated and plan to blog about topics discussed in the Facebook Group. Comments
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34 AG hamster
NR 1 57
I'm taylor.
just another girl who is crazy about AG dolls
on my website you will find:
blogs about me
blogs about my AG dolls
blogs writen by my dolls
AG wish lists
and more...
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35 My AG Doll Blog!
NR 1 289
My AG Blog is a doll blog where agdoll-lovers can go for contests, giveaways, and many MANY posts! All AG doll lovers will love this blog! Comments
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36 American Girl Pix Place
8.11 1 294
My site is a site about American Girl Dolls and what I do with them. I have posts on my blog, and post photos on my blog and my webpage. Comments
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37 Peace Out, Julie
1.00 1 197
A fun blog about a doll's life, including updates in AG things, competitions and more! Comments
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38 Two sisters
NR 1 60
A blog create by two sisters for doll lovers all around! Comments
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39 Amazing Bible Blog
NR 1 20
Insightful information as it pertains to current world news and Bible prophecy, latter day events & Bible prophecy being fulfilled before our very eyes! Jesus is coming soon! Comments
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40 Our American Dolls
NR 1 139
A fun place for doll crafts, ideas and just plain fun! Comments
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41 ~Little dollhouse on the prairie~
NR 1 145
A place where girls can talk about how much they love dolls. Even if your a boy you can join too!!

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42 american girl's and cats!
9.00 1 62
a site about my dolls what they love to do pictures from ag and fun! Comments
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43 My Doll Crafts And More!!
NR 0 77
Hi! On my blog, I post crafts, photo shoots and stories, and much more! I love to blog, so check my blog to see what's new. Thanks! Comments
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44 Little Julie's Place
NR 0 17
A blog about American Girl doll stuff Comments
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45 AG Girl
NR 0 76
A fun and crafty site for all girls who love American Girl! Comments
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46 Girls Only
0.00 0 230
A cool site with photostories, short stories, and more! Comments
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47 Dolls N' Wool
10.00 0 209
I love making crafts for my dolls. Unfortunately, there aren't very many websites specifically for doll crafts. Dolls N' Wool is a blog full of fun crafts, sewing patterns, and yarn working patterns Comments
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48 AG Crafters
NR 0 112
This blog is built for you and your AG doll. Print out the crafts and make them! Also, there are many updates with me and my dolls' life. Enjoy! Comments
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49 My Pink Planet Blog
NR 0 238
Real American Girls! Their Passion for Life, Family, Friends, Fun & American Girl Dolls

Fun receipe, crafts and giveaways!
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50 Just The 8 Of Us Dolls
NR 0 138
Our blog is a blog written by each and every one of my eight dolls! Comments
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