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Tillie and Meredith
Tillie and Meredith are two 11 year old dolls, who share adventures as they live in Doll Central, my doll Boarding School.

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51 American Girl Pix Place
8.11 1 294
My site is a site about American Girl Dolls and what I do with them. I have posts on my blog, and post photos on my blog and my webpage. Comments
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52 American Girl Doll Central
8.25 1 466
Meet the AGDC girls-Molly, Kit, Addy, Josefina, Felicity, Eva Grace, Samantha, Lulu, Kathleen, and Elsie-dolls like no other. Follow the adventures these encounter and the dolly lives they lead. AGDC- Comments
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53 i-American Girl
NR 1 76
If you love AG pictures, news, stories, polls and more check out my blog! Comments
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54 My American Girl Story
8.00 1 246
Hello! Please join us for tons of reviews, fashion posts, dollar store finds, and lots of girly fun! See you then! :D Comments
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55 Two sisters
NR 1 60
A blog create by two sisters for doll lovers all around! Comments
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NR 1 76
Blog for a handmade boutique that sells AG clothing and accessories, I love everything doll related!! Comments
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57 Peace Out, Julie
1.00 1 197
A fun blog about a doll's life, including updates in AG things, competitions and more! Comments
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58 The rhianna and Erin Blog!!
NR 0 97
Two American girl dolls who share their lives and love of adventure!! Comments
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59 AG Fun & Games
NR 0 55
Get top secret info about AG, make crafts, enter contests, and much more! Comments
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60 Bluemeadow
NR 0 123
Amazing Dolls has great AG fanfictions, AG news, and much more! My dolls also write on my blog, and a new doll blog will be coming soon. I post daily so check back! Comments
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61 My Doll Crafts And More!!
NR 0 77
Hi! On my blog, I post crafts, photo shoots and stories, and much more! I love to blog, so check my blog to see what's new. Thanks! Comments
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62 Dolls N' Wool
10.00 0 209
I love making crafts for my dolls. Unfortunately, there aren't very many websites specifically for doll crafts. Dolls N' Wool is a blog full of fun crafts, sewing patterns, and yarn working patterns Comments
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63 Quinny & Co.
9.83 0 400
A friendly world where dolls and people come together! Comments
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64 AG Girl
NR 0 76
A fun and crafty site for all girls who love American Girl! Comments
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7.00 0 295
It's a fun FUN FUN place where four American girls(dolls) express their thoughts, they tell their lives ,they have giveaways, they have polls, pictures, and events they post about. Their names are Sh Comments
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66 SillySarah
NR 0 81
Hi, My name is SillySarah and this is my AmericanDoll Website. Just go to You will have so much fun on my site. I hope you love my site, See ya there! Comments
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67 Doll Girls and Maya
NR 0 81
This is a blog for all AG lovers filled with the latest AG news, crafts, and other fun stuff to do with your dolls. Comments
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68 It's a Rainey Day!
NR 0 104
crafts, photos, scoop on new things~ everything AG! Comments
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69 Little Julie's Place
NR 0 17
A blog about American Girl doll stuff Comments
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70 American Girl Forever
NR 0 220
American Girl Forever is where you can come and talk about everything AG!! It's also a place where you can come and read my blog posts :) Comments
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71 Girls Only
0.00 0 230
A cool site with photostories, short stories, and more! Comments
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72 AG Wiki
10.00 0 539
Its a wiki for ag. Comments
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73 My American Girls Story
10.00 0 286
This blog is for girls/anyone who loves dolls and would love to share their love for them. Comments
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74 AG Fun
9.67 0 501
This is a fun sight where we talk about americangirl news, stuff, and other things. It also has photo stories and weekly stories going on. Comments
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75 Etsy
NR 0 185
I am sending out messages to fans of AG. I have an item on Etsy: Bingo American Girl Birthday Party Game Cards. They have gotten popular & I thought other AG fans might wanna know about it. They are $5.00 for a set of 10 BINGO sheets, and comes with the c Comments
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